Buy and Sell Food Hygiene Products

Any place that prepares food needs to take steps to ensure that the food is safe for consumption. This opens up a market for hygiene products used in food preparation. Products include gloves, mop caps, sleeve protectors, aprons and overshoes.

Mop cap
Mop cap

Mop caps

Mop caps are used when preparing food to avoid contamination from hairs and other particles from the head. It is one of the essentials (along with deli glove…

Sleeve protector
Sleeve protector

Sleeve Protectors

A sleeve protector also known as a oversleeve is used to cover the arms during food preparation to protect both the clothing and the food from any contaminants.


Disposable Overshoes

Disposable overshoes are used to protect both the floor surface (such as carpets) as well as the shoes from any splatter or spills.


Disposable aprons

Disposable aprons are used to protect clothing during food preparation as well as prevent any fibres from the clothing to go onto the food. Disposable aprons…

Deli gloves
Deli gloves

Deli Gloves

Deli gloves are disposable plastic gloves used in the food and catering industry for hygiene purposes. Deli gloves can be bought in wholesale or bulk and re…

  • Some businesses such as pizza making require more grip to work with the food than what a plastic deli glove provides. This means you have to also sell either a latex glove or a Nitrile glove if your clients have a latex allergy. These can not only be purchased from the same supplier but will allow you to make more money than the disposable gloves as latex/nitrile cost more but is also used multiple times.

Hand wash / skin cleanser
Washing of hands is very important

Surface disinfectant
Use to clean the food preparation area and related facilities every day. Make sure you buy the correct type to sell, you want one for kitchens not hospitals (smells different) you don’t want your kitchen smelling like a hospital.

You will be buying the products from a medical supply company in bulk and reselling it to places that prepare food. While they are all separate items I would suggest you make up a pack containing deli gloves, aprons, overshoes, sleeve protectors and aprons. Also all of these items are disposable meaning repeat customers.

How to Start a Buying & Selling Business in South Africa

A buying and selling business is one of the easiest businesses to get into; it requires little skill (besides basic mathematics) and can be started with very little capital. There are two underlying components to a successful buying and selling business: 1.

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  1. I am interested your product. Please provide details where can i source items

    1. I’m interested your product.Please supply information where can I source items

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