Buying & Selling Business Ideas

A buying and selling business requires little skill outside of basic mathematics but there are other considerations to make this a sustainable business.

You need a good product to be successful, one this has little competition in your area. You also need to decide whether you want to sell less, more expensive products (with higher profits), or more, less expensive products with less profit margin, this decision will also be influenced by…

Where you are located or where you are selling from will determine how successful your business will be. Sell a low margin item where there is little foot traffic and you won’t make enough to live on let alone prosper, you also cannot sell high margin items in areas where people cannot afford it.

Getting started
I have left this for last, this time. People like to say “I can’t start, I don’t have capital”, but then they have a DSTV subscription. If you can “make a plan” for that, you have enough to start a buying and selling business. If you cannot start a business with little capital, don’t expect people to have faith in you that you will have the ability to repay any money lent to you. You cannot just land in a parachute in a medium sized business with nice shop space. Be wary of people who promise they can get you funding if you hire them to write an expensive business plan. If you cannot prove an ability to pay back money nobody is going to lend it to you. One of the ways to prove that you will be able to pay back and funding or capital lent to you is to start small and grow it, overcoming challenges along the way.

Here are the buying & selling business ideas we looked at in 2017
Buy and Sell Firewood
Buy and Sell Dust Masks
Buy and Sell Secondhand Clothing
Buy & Sell Vintage and Collectible Toys
Buy & Sell Decorative Stone
Buy and Sell Blank Magnetic Sheet and Car Magnets
Buy and Sell Leather Offcuts

How to Start a Buying & Selling Business in South Africa

A buying and selling business is one of the easiest businesses to get into; it requires little skill (besides basic mathematics) and can be started with very little capital. There are two underlying components to a successful buying and selling business: 1.

How to Sell Goods Online in South Africa

The Internet has changed the way buyers and sellers connect making things like paper classifieds largely redundant. When you are selling physical goods online in South Africa there are a few questions to consider: Will you be selling, locally, nationally or both? Will you only be selling in your own province or to other provinces?