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Start an Entertainment Promotion & Event Management Business

With restrictions being lifted and things trickling back to normal people are clamouring to get out after two years of restrictions. People are so desperate for entertainment that even two-bit DJ’s, comedians and events planners are making money. Now is also a good time to start buying secondhand equipment on the cheap as many entertainers sold their speakers, DJ and lighting equipment to buy shops when they could no longer use it to feed their […]

Start an Event Planning Company

An event planner plans and organises events from start to finish, from booking the venue to lighting, sound, photography and catering.  If you are an enthusiastic person who enjoys talking to other people, why not start an event planning business? It is extremely popular in our country, some experts even say that the events industry could boost South Africa’s growth. Getting Started An event planning business is not just about throwing great parties, a lot of […]

Start a Corporate Event Planning Business

An event planning company or a self-employed event organiser offers a wide variety of services. Their mission is helping people have more fun while holding and celebrating different events. While working with ordinary people who want to organise birthday parties or weddings is the most obvious event that might come to your mind, there is another, more profitable opportunity, which is offering event planning services for businesses. Market Need Did you know that there are […]

Event & Conference Business Ideas

Events and conference planning and servicing are a massive industry. But what are the opportunities for small business owners? In 2017 we looked at various ways that small businesses can enter this industry that includes parties, weddings, funerals, sports events, business conferences, accommodation and transportation to and from events. Here are the printing business ideas we covered in 2017 Offer Short-term Accommodation for Major Events Organise and Host Speaking Events or Conferences Start Your Own […]

Start a Party Bus Business

For the past two days we have looked at various transport business opportunities (car hire & limo service). Today we look at something a little bit different: a party on wheels – the party bus hiring business. What is a party bus? A party bus is a modified bus that is available for hire. People rent it to have a party on while it rides around. It is sometimes used to ride to a certain […]

Organise and Host Speaking Events or Conferences

Speaking events are meetings in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic. Start your own business organizing speaking events or conferences. Starting out The best way to start out in this business is to choose a topic, particularly one you are familiar with, find a venue and then find guest speakers. You can then host an event monthly or twice a month if it is […]