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Start a Reed Diffuser Business

Reed diffusers are a popular home fragrance product. Reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent and a pleasant scent is emitted into the atmosphere. It is one of the hottest trends right now and rightfully so the fragrance it releases is far superior than those founds in commercial air fresheners.  Market Need Most people want a nice smelling home without the need to […]

Buy & Sell Generic Perfume

Generic perfume is perfume “inspired by” international brands, basically it smells the same, but its not made by the company that originally manufactured it and sells for a fraction of the price. Business Model This business buys generic versions of expensive branded perfume from manufacturers and resells it to the end user. So you will basically buy it from the manufacturer for x amount and resell it for a profit. Requirements In order to run this […]

Start a Generic Perfume Manufacturing Business

A perfume manufacturing company manufactures and sells (usually wholesale) perfumes, probably the most popular type of perfume manufacturing in SA at the moment is selling “generic” versions or perfume “inspired by” leading international brands. This page will cover that; I will cover developing your own scent in future. Getting Started There are two strategies when making perfume, one is to develop and sell a perfume based on a fragrance you developed (by mixing different scents) […]