Category: Horticulture Business

Start a Plant Factory Business

A plant factory (aka indoor farming or vertical farming) is a closed growing system that enables a grower to achieve constant production of vegetables all year around. The facility utilises artificial control of light, temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide concentrations. It is closely linked to hydroponics and vertical farming in general. We’ve looked at all these niche farming techniques before, the two mentioned above as well as aeroponics. Usually there has to be a place for […]

Start a Grass, Lawn & Turf Business

A grass lawn and turf business grows and supplies pre-grown grass (sod) to residential, commercial, industrial, sports and recreational clients. In this context, we are talking about live, traditional or real grass as opposed to artificial grass which we looked at before. Market Need An attractive (and instant) lush lawn can make a drab piece of land look attractive without the time and effort took to grow it. This can be to a homeowner, property […]

Start Your Own Succulent Plant Business

One of the most common plant species that you can grow are cacti and other various succulents. Succulents are becoming more popular every year. What might surprise you is that the most common type of customers who purchase succulents are small business owners and office workers. They buy cacti and other succulents for office spaces, because succulents are not high maintenance. Types of succulents to grow You might be wondering what this weird biological term […]

Start Your Own Plant Business

There are few businesses that are so cheap to start than one growing and selling plants. However just because an idea is feasible does not mean it will be a sustainable or profitable business (after you’ve been paid). That is why you need to get your business model (planning) and strategy (execution) right. The business This business model is simple: grow plants and when they big enough sell them. The plant nursery business has various […]