Category: Personalised Gift Business

Make and Sell Framed “Meaning of name” Certificates

Meaning of name certificate is a personalised gift that has people’s first name printed as a certificate and displayed in a frame. This is one of the cheapest novelty printing businesses to start out with. This business caters to people who want to have their children’s names framed or to give as an interesting gift. Process You will be using software which contains “the meaning of names”. This meaning of names will then be printed […]

Make and Sell Personalised Transparent Greeting or Thank You Cards

Having greeting or thank you cards personalised adds a nice touch to the timeless classic but transparent cards are even nicer and you can make them at home! Process A transparent greeting card is made by printing a design onto an OHP transparency (see below for suppliers) using a normal inkjet printer. The transparency is then laminated creating a custom transparent greeting card. You can see the step by step process of making transparent greeting […]

Start a Personalised Gift Company

Gifts are big business: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, “Thank You’s” etc. But gifts can also be impersonal. This is where the personalised gift market comes in, where you brand the gift with the person’s name, photo or even company logo (if you wishing them well with their company). The local landscape At the moment we have the “novelty” market which we’ve covered here before: mugs, meaning of name certificates, balls, clocks, canvas printing etc. You can […]