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You have a business idea, where to next?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: More information
A: See below each idea pages for a resources box containing “Guides”, “More Information”, “Steps to Success” part or a link to ActionPlan, if there is none consider Khoi Capital as a starting point, we have added most of the information to the idea page, read it carefully, making sure to understand the overall business, it is now up to you to go out there and get started. Find more details, strategies and suppliers for materials and equipment close to you etc.

We may be launching an online business forum in future, make sure to sign up for updates by submitting your Email address in the sidebar called “Small Business Ideas & Opportunities Updates”

Q: I am looking for farming business ideas
A: Visit

Q: I’m already employed, don’t have a lot of time but need to make something extra to supplement my income
A: Check out our sideline business ideas

Q: I have no capital and no skills. How can I start my own small business?
A: Nobody is going to lend you money if you cannot prove an ability to pay it back.  If you have no existing income and no skills your chance of getting startup capital is virtually zero.  You have two options:  Start a business which requires almost no capital (this usually means starting on the ground floor of something that involves recycling a waste product) and grow it until you have the ability to buy equipment or repay growth capital. Your other choice is to work for what you can learn and not earn, then having learnt a skill you have a chance whether through development capital or partnering with someone who has capital or existing equipment.



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