Start a Dance Studio Business

A dance studio, also known as a dance school is a place where people can get dance lessons or dancers can rehearse. This business can have various business models: owner operator where the studio owner both owns the studio and does the lessons; hired instructors this is where the studio owner hires various dance instructors to teach students, and studio space: this is where the studio owner owns the studio and rents the space to dance instructors, choreographer and dance schools.

Lessons are offered in either private sessions or group classes. Lessons can also be offered for special occasions such as weddings or competitions.

Target Market
The main target market of a dance studio is usually adults and can teach various different dancing styles. While ballet classes are aimed at children.

Business Models

  • Dance lessons
  • Dance studio rental business
  • Zumba sessions
  • Hip hop classes
  • Dance studio franchise
  • Ballet school business
  • Dance studio equipment manufacture and supply
  • Dance studio floor construction


Tools & Equipment

This business requires a specially equipped space, both large enough as well as certain fittings such as handrails. It may also require a special type of floor depending on the dance. Other equipment needed are audio and music.