Make and Sell Biltong

Biltong is one of South Africa’s favourite snacks and a multi-million rand industry.

Biltong is basically meat that has been spiced and dried. While the spice is important if you want to differentiate in a crowded marketplace (see below), how you cure the meat is also important if you are going to do large quantities.

The drier
While there are consumer meat driers available to make biltong, and more expensive industrial driers many people make their own dryers that can make large amount of meat.

Biltong being dried
Biltong being dried

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The spice
Biltong is not difficult to make but you are going to have to try something different to compete with many other players in this industry, you could try to compete on price but do you have a large supply of cheap meat? If not then you are going to differentiate the way you spice your meat. Ideas include using a mixture of spices and calling it unique names. You could also try to compete on the higher end my using high quality or free-range meat.

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