Make and Sell Custom CD Clocks

Custom CD clocks are an interesting business that allows anyone with a computer and inkjet printer to make and sell personalized clocks featuring an image or logo. What makes this business cheaper to start is that a computer or printer is not even necessary from the beginning as the printing can be outsourced to an internet café or copy shop.

What are CD clocks?
The mechanism that makes up a clock, movement and arms can be purchased in shops specialising in clocks or watches. This is then attached to a CD or DVD disc (it fits in rather nicely) which makes up the face of the clock.  The CD is then printed with the image of your choice.

The CD (which acts as the face) sits between the arms and the mechanism
The CD (which acts as the face) sits between the arms and the mechanism

To make a CD clock all you need is
Mechanism (can be sold with or without battery)
Hour, minute and second arm
CD – with custom printed face

How to customize the CD
You probably thinking, that you need a blank printable CD and a printer that can print directly to the CD. No, not really. Some use this method. But others don’t. Why not? Isn’t it easier that way? Yes. But direct to CD printing printers don’t really produce the most vivid of images as the printable CD has a matte finish. Some prefer to print the image onto photo paper, cut it out and apply the printed photo paper to the CD using an adhesive (usually a spray adhesive). This makes a big difference to how the clock looks; it produces a glossy and vivid image, not only that but with this method you can recycle old CD’s you have lying around (you can use a CD as a template and cut out image with blade or even use a scissors). Direct to CD printers and printable CD’s produce an image like the one found on pirate DVD sellers you will find on the side of the road. It can work but it’s not necessarily the best.

Once the CD is printed, the mechanism is added to the back of the CD, and the arms click onto the mechanism from the front.

Mechanism behind CD
Mechanism behind CD

You can then decide how to finish the clock. Some add a hook at the back to hang it on the wall. While others sell a stand with so it can be placed in wall units or on cupboards.

CD clock in a frame
CD clock in a frame

Custom clock printing is part of the novelty gift printing business and is usually personalized with a photo, logo or message (birthday etc.). Like most novelty gift business opportunities, it has good margins due to its personalised and unique nature – you can make up to R50 profit per clock. Custom clocks are not difficult to make but it’s a business that has to be marketed properly, make samples and show people what you do. If you sell at a weekly market, or twice weekly market, you can take orders; charge a 50% deposit and next market day people can pick it up and pay the 50% balance.

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