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Make and Sell Drinking Glasses Made From Bottles

Bottle cutter | Credit

Drinking glasses made from bottles make an interesting gift, not only is it functional but it is also a great gift for a green aficionado as it recycles the bottle.

Beer glasses made from beer bottles | Credit:

Beer glasses made from beer bottles | Credit:

The head of the bottle is cut off to create the glass (the bottom part is the glass). The glass edge is then sanded smooth using fine sandpaper and it can then be used as a glass (or ornament). The glass is cut using a bottle cutter, which you can buy as a kit or make yourself using a glass cutter.

Belvedere Vodka bottle

Belvedere Vodka bottle

The trick is not to use any bottle to make the glasses but fancy bottles (Belvedere Vodka being a good example). Make friends with bars to get fancy bottles to use.

Type Manufacturing
Equipment Bottle cutting kit or DIY version using glass cutter
Materials Empty bottles
Supplier Bottle Craft has the following for R440

The basic Cutting Jig
Diamantor Glass Cutter
5ml Ultra-Violet Glass glue
Cutter Wheel lubricating oil – 10ml
Carbon Abrasive “Sanding” paper – 10 x 30cm’s
Carbon Abrasive “Polishing” paper – 10 x 30cm’s
Do-It-Yourself manual
Comprehensive DVD with complete workshop and Design Ideas

Or you can build one yourself (you will still needs some extras for finishing the glass as mentioned above). Here is another DIY tutorial.

DIY Bottle Cutter | Credit: Instructables

DIY Bottle Cutter | Credit: Instructables

Setup cost < R500 for the basics
 Sector  Recycling


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