Make and Sell Indigenous Board Games

A lot of cultures have invented their own board games to pass the time, for example in South Africa we have Morabaraba. Start a business creating and marketing these board games.

There are various formats the game can take, it can be as simple as a one colour screen-print on ABS plastic such as the Morabaraba board seen above, or you can have it professionally printed on cardboard. You can also package it in a printed book format and if you really want to take it global you can create a mobile app.

Here are some ideas
Fanorona – a strategy board game for two players indigenous to Madagascar.
Felli – a two-player abstract strategy board game from Morocco.
Hounds and Jackals – an Ancient Egyptian game.
Kharbaga – a two-player abstract strategy game from Africa.
Makonn – an abstract strategy game from the Seychelles
Mehen – a board game which was played in ancient Egypt.
Shisima – a two-player abstract strategy game from Kenya. It is related to tic-tac-toe.
Senet (or Senat) – a board game from ancient Egypt.
Tsoro Yematatu –  a two-player abstract strategy game from Zimbabwe.



For more ideas and for more information about the above games see the African Games category on Wikipedia.