Make and Sell Laser Cut Toys, Models and Puzzles

Laser cut toys make great gifts that children can assemble themselves. Start your own business making and marketing laser cut toys, models and puzzles.

The business
Laser cut toys and models come in various forms from vehicles to buildings. It is basically like assembling a 3D puzzle. These puzzles are usually sold disassembled and people can assemble them.

To get started in this business you will need a laser cutter. So there is a bit of an expense to get started. While you can outsource the cutting to someone with a laser cutter the fees are usually so high that there is not a lot of profit left.

You will need a laser cutter
You will need a laser cutter

You must also decide what materials to use, for example thin SupaWood (usually 3mm) is popular to make dolls houses with as it can be painted (more fun for the kids). Thin metal can also be laser cut to make models with.

Next, you will need to get design, either design the template yourself or get from the Internet (you may have to purchase some), Metal Works for example are assembled from a single sheet of laser-cut steel and because of its slot-and-tab design, no tools, fasteners, or glue are required to build the sculptures. You would need a similar design philosophy.

What to make
There are various things you can make:
Cars and trucks
Buildings, landscapes and skylines
Planes and tanks

Buildings seem to be the most popular as mini cities can be assembled part for part.

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