Make and Sell Leather Cord / String / Rope

This is another business that requires very little to start as it uses recycled material (leather offcuts) as well as one that can be grown to be self sustainable as the product has a host of uses.

What is leather cord?
Leather cord is leather cut into thin (2mm, 3mm, 5mm) strips.

What is leather cord used for?
Leather cord is used on some shoes such as boat shoes as laces as well as decoration on the side.
• Used in arts and crafts to make various things such as arm bands, necklaces and even dream catches.
• Used as string for various applications including to attach swing tags to garments
• Used to make clothing such as frills in jackets
• Make skipping rope
• Make craft kits containing leather rope and other trinkets such as beads

How to make leather cord

Image credit: PearlOnly on etsy