Make and Sell Paaper Bites

A recycling business is one that you can start with little capital as the main materials are waste products and can be acquired on the cheap, next we will be looking at some food “recycling”: paaper bites.

Paaper bites is a tasty snack traditionally made from leftover samosa / samoosa pastry. Here is how to start a small business making and selling paaper bites.

Getting started
You need three ingredients to make your own paaper: pastry, oil and spices. The pastry is cut into small blocks, fried in the oil and then spiced before it is packaged into bags and sold. If you can buy pastry leftovers or offcuts from a samoosa manufacturer at a good price that will be most beneficial. Otherwise you can make the pastry yourself using flour, water, butter and salt (see link to recipe below). The pastry can also be purchased readymade in convenient strips but it is cheaper to make it yourself.

Paaper is popularly sold in clear plastic bags, which has been sealed using a heat sealer. A sticky label is pasted on the bag with the paapers flavor (see main image). Popular flavours include: “secret” flavor and BBQ. Various flavours are then put together in a larger bag and sold wholesale to wholesalers or resellers (shop owners).

Business model
To turn this into a viable business you need to get your paaper bites into a wholesale channel. If you cannot get into a large wholesaler try to get into tuckshops or smaller shops.

Materials & Equipment needed
Manufacturing process

Retail process
Plastic bags: small to put paaper in and larger to package multiple bags at a time
Heat sealer (impulse sealer)
Label printer (can be outsourced)

More Information
Samoosa Pur (Pastry) Recipe
Pur chevro | A light crispy snack made with fried samosa/samoosa pastry

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