Make and Sell Pet Accessories & Toys

Millions of South Africans own dogs and cats, as well as other pets and many treat them as part of the family, sparing no expense on their upkeep. There the amount of money South African pet owners spend on pet food is around R5 billion per year. There are no statistics for pet accessories and toys, but we can assume that this number can be around R1 billion per year.

Business Model

There are two types of accessories you can produce and sell:

  • Pet toys (like tennis balls, chew dental dog bones). Any pet could feel quite comfortable without them, but their owners buy this stuff mostly just for fun.
  • Pet accessories (like leashes, cat trays, dog boxes, etc). They are really necessary and help pets live comfortably in various conditions. On the other hand, stuff like pet leashes helps pet owners keep their dogs safe and also obey the law where it is required to walk your dog on a leash like at certain beaches.

If you want to enter this market, you have to create and sell something specific and useful. For instance, you can make your own leashes and sell them for dog owners. Yes, dogs are still the most popular and most expensive pets to keep at home. Every dog owner should have a proper and nice-looking leash for their little friend.

Harnesses – this is an expensive product to purchase but when you look at its material cost, the margins must be astronomical.
Dog boxes and beds
Cat trays

Chewable toys
Pigs ears
Dog bones
Cat scratch post

Cat scratch post

Pet clothing is another product to look into.

The competition is high, because this really is a profitable market, but it still is not that oversaturated. Moreover, since your idea is producing your own leashes, you might even monopolise some small segment of the market. For example, you can produce feminine-looking dog leashes and sell them to dog owners who own female dogs.

Target Market
Segmentation is always important. If you decide to cater to certain kinds of dogs like German Shepard, you have to remember that this type of audience prefers big and strong dogs, so your leashes should be strong made of a strong material, but not that expensive (since your target market is not rich entrepreneurs, but working class people).

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
The easiest way to sell stuff like that is to pet shops, another is by creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account and posting images and stories about dogs that serve as emergency and safety personnel. This content will be especially popular among your potential customers.

Another sales channel to consider is dog clubs of which there are many in South Africa, you can offer special discounts to club members.

This is a high-margin business, because not only do you sell accessories but also emotions, to some people it is like buying their own child a gift. For that reason you should focus on manufacturing a quality item – the margins will more than cover it.

Business Model Manufacturing
Sector Pets, pet accessories