Make & Sell Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are used as entertainment at events and functions. It creates lasting memories in the form of photographs that people get to take home. When a photo booth is rented out it includes various props usually related to the theme of the party. The props usually include funny hats and sunglasses, masks, toys and various other items.

There is a market to make and sell photo booth props to companies that manufacture photo booths, that rent out photo booths and even to the end user holding the party (the company renting the photo booth to them might not have the props that they are looking for).

Business Model
This business makes and sells photo booth props based on various themes: Christmas, Halloween, Mexican and other silly and fun themes. You do not have to manufacture all the items you sell you can also buy from wholesalers and resell.

Tools & Skills
A lot of photo booth props these days are made using 3d printers. But it depends on the item. To resell find a wholesaler specialising in novelty items.

You can have a look on handmade marketplaces such as etsy the various photo booth props people are making for inspiration.

Business Model Manufacture, Retail
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Industry Events & Functions

Image credits: Photo booth photo – Poser Photobooth Co. , Props – Etsy