Offer Short-term Accommodation for Major Events

South Africa has many events during the calendar year, from music or fashion shows to cycling and running as well as regular soccer matches where out of province teams’ play. Start an accommodation service tailored around the time of these events.

Most times when someone plans to visit an event far from where they live they will need accommodation for the period they will be attending the event. While there are hotels in most cities in South Africa they are expensive and sometimes overbooked when a popular event is being held close by.

The opportunity in this market is to provide cheap accommodation for groups of people. In other words apartments that caters for between 3 and 6 people. These are not people on a holiday, they want to visit the event and then rest their heads for the night, and so if you can secure bulk accommodation beforehand, that is probably where the best opportunity lay.

Business Model
What essentially you’d have to do is get a annual list of all the happenings in your province and see if you can find cheap accommodation close by that you can rent for a single price and then sell to groups of people.

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