Open a Barber

Everybody’s hair grows making a barber an essential service no matter where you operate from. Here is how to grow this business from a one man show.

Business Model
There are three predominant business models when operating a barber:
1. The one man show
All you need is a hair clipper, combs, brushes, a chair and you are in business, you don’t even need a chair or space as you can do house calls. But you can only cut so many people’s hair in a day and if you operate in the townships you can hardly charge a premium for a haircut.
2. The boss
You employ barbers to work for you and you pay them a salary whether or not they cut a single head of hair for the day. This model depends on having lots of chairs and a busy barber: a high traffic location, which might also mean higher rent, leaving you on the hook for wages and rent.
3. The agency
Here you rent chairs to the one man show mentioned at number 1 looking for a more professional location. This model has two strategies: monthly rental, much the same way hair salons rent out chairs and the commission: you take a cut from every job a barber does.

There is also a model that combines 2 and 3 and that is a low basic wage, and take a higher commision that you would take in the agency model

In order to open this business you need space: a shipping container will work or even a separate entrance of a house. You need clippers, nothing less than Wahl and comfortable chairs. You will also need various extras: sheets, powder, lotions, blades etc.

A barber, is a fairly straightforward business to start, it won’t make you rich from the get go but it can be grown to a bigger business by opening more locations. Also some parts of year are very busy (back to school) and you can expect to make even more money then.

Business Model Service
Equipment Hair clipper, combs, brushes, chair
Materials Powder, lotions, oil
Industry Personal grooming