Open a Kiddies Play & Party Venue

Play venues are indoor places with various games that children can play. Here is how to get started.

What & Why
Play venues are places where parents take their children to play during the day. It is particular popular with stay at home moms, it is also quite popular in winter when its raining outside. The venue contains various toys and obstacle courses to keep children busy; because there are usually other children as well they get to meet new friends. Play venues require large spaces and is often setup inside of warehouses or other large (and cheap) spaces. Poplar activities include jumping castles and other inflatable’s, play mats with toys and various ride ons.

Business model
Because rental is high you have to maximise the potential of your kiddies play venue. Here is how to make money from it:
1. Hourly rate. This is the bread and butter of the business. Parents pay an hourly fee for children to play at the venue. You can also have monthly packages or subscriptions if you want.
2. Food. Sweets, chocolates, cool drinks and chips are usually sold at the venue. Also have something more filling and healthy. And don’t forget tea and cake so the moms can socialise while the children play.
3. Daycare centre. There is usually enough space to turn a corner of the venue into a daycare centre and lots of toys for children to play with as well. During the week, when parents are at work, the venue won’t be very full so a space can be created for daycare kids. You can decide whether to run daycare centre yourself or to rent it out.
4. Parties. This won’t be an everyday thing but it will be lucrative. An area of the venue (upstairs if you have) can be cordoned off for private parties. And afterwards the children can go and play on the toys. This will incur a venue hire fee and a play fee. You can even make money with the catering as well.

There are a few other things to consider as well, such as sourcing of entertaining toys as well as legal (each parent will have to sign an indemnity form before children can use the toys so you are legally protected). Nonetheless kiddies play venue are very popular party spots and you should have regular bookings to make this a sustainable business.

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