Polish Tyres In Parking Lots

Approach people to polish the tyres of their vehicles in parking lots (or taxi ranks) using a long lasting paint instead of polish.

Tyre polishing is the process of “polishing” car tyres to give it a long lasting shine. However you will be using fireplace paint instead of polish. This will give the tyres a longer lasting shine. You can also use

Purchase fireplace paint from a hardware store; thin it down with (5-10) parts thinners to form a watery substance and mix it in a plastic 2l bottle with the top cut off. Get a small paint brush and offer to paint peoples tyres at parking lots. Fireplace paint lasts much longer than polish and has a better shine.

Avoid privately owned shopping malls (unless you have permission), stick to canvassing municipal owned parking lots starting out. Also try to get into events where lots of cars are present such as “sounds offs” which is a competition where people compete who has the loudest sound systems. People at these events are usually into the car scene and will spend extra to make their car look good.

The biggest challenge is finding the correct venue to work from, due to rampant crime people may be a bit reluctant to let you polish their tyres unsupervised (while they do shopping) etc. so try to look presentable. Another option is to partner with car washes where people can have their tyres polished instead of just washed for an extra fee. Also make the case that “painting” tyres with your formula last longer than if they were to polish it using traditional polish.

Type  Service
Equipment Paint Brush
Materials Fireplace paint

Setup cost < R200
Target market Low to middle income market
Supplier Makro
Sector Automotive
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