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Restore the Sun Damaged Headlights of Cars

Many cars headlights start to look yellow and hazy after years of exposure to the sun. But there are products on the market that can restore it to almost good as new. Start a business to restore the sun damaged headlights of cars.

Headlight restoration involves using a substance to apply and restore the headlights. This is a business that is suited to places where there are a lot of cars. You could offer this service alongside tyre polishing in busy parking lots but you can also offer this service to second hard car dealerships (along with dent removal) where a R200 headlight restoration can add R2000 to the value of the car by making it look more attractive.

Vehicle Headlight Restoration

After many years standing in the sun the headlights of cars and other vehicles gets clouded making the vehicle look neglected – and replacing headlight is a …

Image credit: Auto Detailing San Diego


  1. teddy

    its wooow and I would like u to tell me where can I get the chemical

    • Ken

      You can do a search for “headlight restoration kit” starting out. But many people have found their own methods which work better and costs cheaper than off the shelf kits. You can have a look on YouTube for some of those.

      • Aubrey Robinson

        I’m interested in starting the Restore Sun Damaged Headlights of cars

  2. Aubrey Robinson

    I need details on starting the restore the sun damage headlights of cars business idea

  3. jerry

    wow im interested how can i get the product

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