Sell Advertising Space on Calendars

Calendars are often looked at and this makes it a great medium to sell advertising space on. Start your own business selling advertising space on calendars.

The business
The calendar advertising business is basically designing the calendar and then signing up businesses to advertise on the calendar and then have it printed while making a profit. Before you find businesses to advertise on your calendar you have to get quotes from various printers to see how much you need to charge for space and still make a profit. You will also need to make a sample to show prospective clients.

The cheapest way to pull this off would be a one colour A5 or A4 calendars with a magnet behind that can be stuck on a fridge, however I have seen this done on large desktop calendars as well. But that will cost more to make meaning you have to sign up bigger advertisers. While smaller calendar advertising space can be sold to small businesses within your area.

Selling advertising space on calendars can be a very lucrative business if you can get businesses to sign up, but this is a seasonal business unless you can figure out a way to create various versions either aimed at certain industries, certain areas niches (see below).

Don’t just make a general purpose calendar this will limit you. Make annual calendars around themes. Let’s say you are going to create 1000 calendars of each theme. Then you can have a racing calendars with race days marked off at your local track (or even a “Formula 1” calendar, just call it something else for copyright reasons and mark off the days and venues of races). You call sell advertising space on this calendar to tyre companies or companies that sell car components such as Autostyle.

Try this with various themes. You can have a calendar for the rugby which you can have meat or liquor companies advertise on or a calendar for soccer days of the local PSL soccer team.

Setup cost
You will not be needing a lot of money to start out initially as you are advised to make a sample and then take it to potential clients. Once you have a certain amount of clients signed up to fill up the calendar then you can start printing.

Image credit: Non Stop Adz