Start an Airbrush Tattoo Stencil Business

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using a system very similar to the one used for doing airbrush art. Airbrush stencils are used to create airbrush tattoos. Start your own company making and selling stencils to be sold to people making airbrush tattoos.

Temporary airbrush tattoos  involves applying a stencil to the skin of the person being tattooed and using an airbrush to spray the ink onto the stencil and then removing the stencil which leaves the pattern on the skin.

How to use temporary tattoo stencils for airbrush tattooing ?

This video from helps you understand the application of temporary tattoo stencils. This will help you understand how to apply temporary body tattoo stencils. This explains you the application of stencils for temporary airbrush tattoos (fake tattoos)

How to make airbrush tattoo stencils
Stencils are made by cutting a shape into a piece of material that is then applied to the skin of the person to be tattooed. The most common way to cut stencils accurately is to use a vinyl cutter; a small one will do the job.  This is a niche you can look into if you have a vinyl cutter but is struggling in the signage industry. Then you need the material, the material needs to be flexible enough to use on legs, arms, or torso as well as to be able to cut crisp designs. The best material to use is an airbrush stencil vinyl, this will allow you to cut various designs with a vinyl cutter onto this material which has low adhesive qualities that won’t leave a residue but can also be used various times before the adhesive fades.

Individual stencils or stencil books
When making airbrush tattoo stencils, you need to find out which designs are in fashion, tribal, flowers, symbols etc. What some people that make airbrush tattoo stencils do is that they look at what is commercially available and provide similar versions.

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Then you have to decide whether to make and sell single tattoo stencils or books. Books contain a selection of stencils that you can use to make airbrush tattoos and are popular for people who do airbrush tattoos in places like malls or fairs.

Business Model
This is a manufacturing business model, you are making stencil tattoos that will be sold to people who offer airbrush tattoos as a service.

Steps to Success
Buy vinyl cutter
Buy airbrush tattoo stencil vinyl
Obtain vector artwork
Use the vinyl cutter to cut artwork shapes onto stencil vinyl
Package, price and sell.

Business Model Manufacturing
Equipment Vinyl cutter
Materials Stencil vinyl
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