Start an Apple Orchard Business

Plant an Apple Orchard and Sell Fresh Apples

South Africa is a perfect country to grow apple trees because of its weather conditions. So why not plant an apple orchard and sell apples?

An apple tree does not require much care. But a few trees won’t make you rich. In order to make a living selling apples, you have to have a land plot of at least one hectare.
This will allow you to plant a few hundred of apple trees.
Another questions is, which variety of apples is the sweetest, the healthiest, the easiest to grow, and the most profitable? In recent years dwarf apple trees become very popular. What are some benefits of growing a dwarf apple tree?
● It’s doesn’t require much space, so you can plant more trees on your land.
● Since it’s dwarf, it’s easy to harvest and require a standard high reach step ladder. No need to buy that expensive long ladder and risk your life at harvest time.
● Because of its small height, you can take a better care when it comes to trimming branches.

Time required
Agriculture is not a quick buy and sell business. It takes some time to grow your farm. Typically, a dwarf apple tree produces fruit in three to four years.

Earning potential:
One dwarf apple tree can produce over 20 kg of apples. This is not a very large number, because this is only R500 retail from one tree.
But the magic happens when you calculate how much dwarf apple trees you can plant on your land plot. If you have a land plot of one hectare, you can easily plant over 2000 trees. This translates into over R1 million per year.
Needless to say, it’s not that easy though. Sometimes you will have a poor harvest year.

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