Start a Bottled Water Company

A bottled water company bottles and sells purified and spring water, either still or sparkling (carbonated).

Getting Started
To start this business you need a water source, either water that will be purified or a spring to source the water from.

Once you have sourced water, you need to decide on the bottling and carbonating (if you making sparkling) strategy, will you build a bottling plant or will you outsource this process. Building a plant will be capital intensive in both equipment and premises while outsourcing will eat into your margins.

Business Model
This industry is fiercely competitive and if you won’t be able to get your business model right or execute on your plans you will have a very hard time. There are essentially two route to go: branded and private label.

If you go the branded route you HAVE to get your branding right. Do a mediocre job and you will have a hard time. From the logo design to the story behind the brand, in face if you cannot source spring water then you should probably go the private label route. Spring water is easier to brand, you can tell a story about the source of the water.

Private Label
Here you produce bottled water for other people and put their logo on the bottles. This can be for retail purposes like a shop but also promotional like company logos or water for the hospitality industry, like bottled water for hotel minibars featuring the hotel logo.

This is another important point more so if you are going branded you need to find a distribution channel for your water, it is very hard to get into retail due to competition existing supply agreements. You could try different models like selling to entrepreneurs to resell. No matter what expect razor thin margins as you will have to aggressively compete on price to enter the market. Ideally you should try to get bulk orders to find you initially perhaps supplying a big event or conference centre.