Start a Butler Service Company

A butler service provides butters on demand for people looking for a butler to help them. This is a agency type business where you have butlers on your books and supply them when necessary.

Many people need a butler now and then when they have guests or organising a function removing the need to employ one full time. A butler service company has a database of butlers available. The role of the butler service company is to screen butlers and put make them available to hire and taking a commission of each job.

The main duty of this business is to interview people looking to be a butler and add them to a database that people can search. The company’s job is to hire the right person for the job: well educated, cultured, well spoken, good manners, clean criminal record and someone that knows how to offer a good service. The database is then made available usually via a website containing all the butlers details much the way a model agency does: photo, height, age etc.

To pull this off you will need a directory style website where you can add all the butlers you have available and they can be browsed. You may also have to offer some kind of training to make sure the butler is good at his job.

This service provides butlers for hire for a fee, usually an hourly one but it can also be for a whole day or even a weekend. Butlers are often hired for functions such as fundraisers or anniversaries.

Business Model
Butlers is then booked via the website and paid. The company takes a commission of the fee and pays the butler his cut.

Equipment Computer, Internet, Website, Telephone
Business Model Service
Industry Hospitality