Start a Car Security and Audio Equipment Installation Service

In today’s world, a car is not just a means of transportation, but also a place where many of us spend a few hours a day. Each of us got stuck in traffic at least several times over the past year, didn’t we?

There are different studies showing that an average person spends over one hour per day driving. Since this translates to two weeks per year, it is quite understandable why a lot of car drivers need car radios, amplifiers and other audio equipment. Since we can’t read books or watch movies behind the wheel, we prefer to listen.

And it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy listening to educational podcasts or to a local radio station. In any case, any car owner needs a proper audio system in his vehicle.

Therefore, starting your own audio equipment installation service provider might be a great idea.

Moreover due to South Africa’s high crime rate, installing car security systems is also in high demand today, with “theft out of a motor vehicle” being a top crime in many cities in SA. That red light and the resulting noise will scare many off or at least alert some people.

Tools needed

You can start this business with a few thousand rand if you have a garage or other room for your future service. If you don’t, you will need to rent or buy it. Renting a premises might add significant overhead depending on where you operating from.

Typically, your service will include these five parts:

  • Removal of an old stereo unit (if required);
  • Wiring of harness or antenna;
  • Mounting of stereo;
  • Testing how it works;
  • Cleaning up.

Installing an alarm car security system is a different animal. It is easier than installing audio equipment, but it requires some additional equipment. There are some tools needed for this kind of work like:

  • pliers and wire cutters;
  • screwdrivers;
  • lights;
  • wrenches;
  • torque wrench,

and some others.

Watch a video explaining how to install an alarm car security system –

how to install an alarm car security system

learn how to install an alarm in a vehicle . this how to video is very detailed . installing an alarm is an advanced installation and should only be attempted by someone who is has all ready had some sort of car audio training.

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