Open a Caravan Take-Aways

A caravan take-away is one of the cheapest methods to open a take-away shop, and because caravan take-aways are traditionally associated with fast food you don’t have to be a chef to start one.

To start a caravan take-away you will need a caravan and a vehicle to tow it. Most times a caravan is towed to a spot and left there for the day and then removed at closing time. This means the vehicle does not have to stay there and can be used to get supplies during the course of the day.

Depending on where you are operating from you may need a government permit both a health certificate and a certificate of compliance if you are using gas.

The equipment depends on what you will sell and what type of power source you have (gas, generator or electricity). But ideally you will need a chip fryer, microwave and kettle.

What to sell
The most popular types of meals sold at these type of take-aways are hot chips, chip rolls (plain, polony and vienna), pies (large and cocktail), hot dogs, samoosas, donuts or koeksisters. Also common snacks: sweets, chips (crisps), and cigarettes. As well as hot drinks and cool drinks. You can also have something different on Fridays such as boerewors rolls.

The best place to put a caravan take-away is an industrial area where there are lots of factories that employ many people. Often in these areas the shops are far away. What will be ideal is to get permission from a company to put your take-away on their lawn or inside their premises. The benefit to companies is that staff doesn’t have to take up a lot of time to go and walk far to a take away. You can also ask the company to supply you with electricity for a monthly fee.

Next time I will look at the more premium side of the mobile take-away business: the food truck.

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