As a local spokesperson for the childfree movement and the 2006 National Pullout Champion, nothing grinds my gears more than annoying little crotch goblin shits, I mean children, making a noise when I’m trying to eat. And I’m not alone. From the first page of a Google search:Demand for “no kids allowed” restaurants high and growing – Over the past few years, a couple of restaurants in the United States banned kids on their premises.
Restaurants should have a children-free section
There should be more child-free restaurants, hotels
Don’t bring kids to an expensive restaurant
I hate children in restaurants
There should be child free spaces: Restaurants, cinemas, hotels, tours etc.

This is a followup to nonsense unconventional branding and target markets.

What is the childfree movement
Clever adults are deciding not to participate in bringing children into existence. The “childfree” movement attracts people who want to celebrate the countercultural decision not to bear and raise offspring. This target market will grow, I mean why would anyone want to bring a child into a violent and corrupt hellhole like South Africa where you have to constantly worry about their safety? More smart women are joining this movement as well as most men are inherently unreliable. If you like me and share our ideals I suggest you visit and join the childfree subreddit over at /r/childfree.


Sometimes people regret not having children because they believe that having a child would somehow make them feel complete. But, it’s important to let go of this idea of completeness. Believing that a child will make you or your life feel complete is not a healthy expectation. – What to Do if You Regret Not Having Children


This movement has spawned a subculture that has brought like-minded people together. Like stoners are attracted to dagga we revel in stories of being childfree. At my local childfree society we discuss tax evasion techniques to dry up the SASSA child support grant pool. Picture this: a man and a woman meet at a club, she goes home with him, she is not on birth control, does not demand he use a condom, they have unprotected sex, he nuts inside her. Explain to me how nine months later that child is taxpayers problem? 

Here are some more business ideas:
A dating service for childfree people:
I’m in my 30’s. Most of the single women I meet my age are single mothers: a lost war, haunted by the mistakes of the past. Bringing together people not wanting to have children is the next dating frontier.


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