Start a Dent Removal Business

Cars often bump into various things and this can cause unsightly dents that can also impact the resale value of a car. Start your own business by offering dent removal as a service.

You will basically be doing what is known as “paintless dent removal” which is a method for removing minor dents from cars. Paintless dent removal can be used to remove hail damage, door dings, minor creases, large dents and bodylines damage.

Getting started
Starting out is not as easy as getting the right tools and getting your first client, you are going to have to do some kind of training whether you buy a book, attend a training course or ask a scrap yard owner to let you practice on cars in his lot. There are techniques to learn as well as knowing the limitations of paintless dent removal.

There are various tools on the market to get started with, we always try to help people to get started with as little money as possible, so starting out check on bidorbuy what kind of dent repair kits are available. There are also other websites selling cheap kits. You are going to have to try it out on various different types of bodies and see if you can work with it as well as know the limitations of the tools. Once you become more experienced you will learn how to use the various dent repair tools.

Marketing your business
To grow this business you can approach used car dealers and offer to remove dents from the cars in their lot, a dent that will cause a car to be sold for a R5000 discount you can knock out for R500.

Image credit: Wagner Certified Collision