A few days ago I saw this thread by u/big_news_1 on reddit. It turns out some e-hailing service providers (Uber, Bolt, InDriver etc.) in the US are selling various goods in their vehicles.

What does this business do?
Basically a vending machine in a car. Or like an hotel minibar.

What is the business model
This business supplies E-hailing drivers with small fridges and contents that E-hailing drivers can sell to consumers. And then restocks it as needed.

What does it sell?
Anything you are comfortable with people consuming in your car. Vapes (single use), energy drinks, chips, earphones, charging cables etc. I would go with high margin items.

How do people pay?
Cash, Yoco etc.

This was tried before on a large scale. Don’t be like these guys, maybe?

What does the law say? And e-hailing terms of service?
I don’t know and I don’t care. There is no law and order in South Africa.