Start a E-Waste Recycling Company

An e-waste recycling company is a company that purchases obsolete electronic devices from the public, recycle e-waste and extract precious metals from it which are subsequently sold to companies that create new devices. This idea is about becoming a part of this precious metals’ circulation.

Market Need
Electronic waste contains a certain amount of precious metals, which can be used again. But more importantly, it contains toxic substances that can cause environmental pollution. Recycling of electronic scrap is also due to the fact that it does not decompose over time.

Your Solution
You can offer a great solution:

  • Buy obsolete electronic devices from the public at a low price or offer to collect from companies for free;
  • Burn plastic and extract precious metals (gold, silver, copper, etc);
  • Sell precious metals for further processing.

Target Market
You will deal with two categories of clients:

  • People or companies selling their obsolete electronics;
  • Precious metal processing factories

There a few companies dealing with an e-waste, but most of them only purchase obsolete devices from the public, never process them and just resell them to precious metals processing factories wholesale. Burning plastic and extracting precious metals on your own complicates the process, but significantly increases income.

Funding Needs
Most of the capital required will be needed for buying an e-waste recycling machine. You can get an idea of what it looks like and how it works from this page you also have to consider premises rental.

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
Your product (extracted precious metals) is not for the public, but for processing factories and manufacturers. This is why the best marketing activity is creating a website and direct calling to your prospects.

Buying electronics from people is another activity. In this case, two ways are possible:

  • Opening an offline-office in your city;
  • Promoting it via social media (mostly Facebook) so that people living in your area know that you purchase obsolete electronics devices.