Start an Emigration Business

Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own. No one can share them with you. – Proverbs 14:10

Imagine this: you are driving down the road, the robot turns amber, you slow down, it turns red, you stop, a few moments later it turns green and you drive off. You are probably thinking BULLSHIT!  That is impossible! Stop making up stories that you don’t have to look around for smash and grabbers and highjackers and swerve for potholes the size of the big hole in Kimberley. I’m telling you it is possible and this business helps people to move to countries where life is like that and things simply work like normal and you don’t have to live in a house with high walls topped with an electric fence, CCTV, burglar bars, safety gates, bolt down your gate motor, armed response etc.

Emigration is the act of leaving one’s own country to settle permanently in another, an emigration business helps people leave a country and settle in another.

Value Proposition & Market Need
Many people (regardless of race) see no future in South Africa, South Africa’s problems have little to do with race, but rather ideology, the government is following the same ideology as failed states such as Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea etc. and many people want to escape that. This business helps people do just that.

How to help people emigrate
Unlike South Africa where you can just jump through a hole in the fence or overstay a tourist visa, you need to be able to add value to a country that you are going to emigrate to. This usually boils down to two things: money or skills.

This industry, in my opinion, is going to become much larger in future as the government continue scurrying for money and increase taxes for working people, a lot of high net worth individuals have already jumped ship. The business of getting the middle-income people out is probably where most opportunities lay, considering the wealthy have an easy path out. But there is opportunity all over.

Many countries have investment programs where high net worth individuals can invest a certain amount of money (few hundred thousand $) for a certain period in order to get permanent resident status (with a possible path to full citizenship if they so desire).

There are numerous ways for businesses to make money here, from introductions, to structuring packages to help individuals gain permanent residence. With introductions, you can act as an agent to introduce people to these packages. Often times people gain residence via certain property in certain places, so by marketing this property not only as a property but as a residence gaining package.

Another way is tailoring a business based on the requirements of the country the individual is emigrating to. Like in the US you have the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program, this is a path to a green card, it used to start at $500k, but Trump increased it to $900k. What happens here is, you have to invest this money in the US for five years and create at least 10 jobs, now remember I said “start at” this low investment bracket is for “Targeted Employment Areas” (TEAs) which are areas in need of investment. Where the money to be made here is via regional centres and these places they have created a template where on the one hand there is the individual looking for a green card and on the other local business looking for capital. The money is usually put into a franchise with a proven concept, the person putting up the money, don’t get any interest that is taken by the people doing the facilitation so it’s a win-win Detroit gets a Burger King and investors get a green card etc.

The other way to get into another country is via a scarce skill. Now can be a strange one, because a scarce skill is relative, this means that a welder or boilermaker might very well be eligible for a skills visa above a doctor or lawyer for the mere fact that the country has a shortage of welders but have enough doctors or lawyers. Here there is an opportunity not only in paperwork but in skills development etc.

Regardless of what path this business takes, it requires knowledge of the target country’s immigration laws, but the opportunity is vast: consultation, documentation, travel arrangements, accommodation all of these things you can put a markup on.