Start a Green Onion Business

Grow Green Onions and Sell it for a Profit in South Africa

Growing green onions for a profit requires a small initial investment. This business has a high profitability and quickly pays off. Unlike other green crops, onions are unpretentious and grow rapidly especially if you use various hydroponic and aeroponic technologies. But even growing onions without these technologies is known for its high profitability.

Business Model
Green onions are also known as scallions. There are different ways to grow them, but the most common and the most profitable is growing them indoors — in a basement or in a greenhouse.

This is a 5-step process:
● Buy 3-tier shelving and install them. They must be strong enough to withstand the weight of growing onions. Using a multi-tier shelving system is an excellent advantage that will help you make the most efficient use of available space.
● Buy green onion seeds. The price is quite affordable: for R100 you can purchase approximately 550 green onion seeds.
● Drop into the ground and watch your onions growing. Don’t forget to keep them well watered. Get an idea on planting green onions from this video

How to Plant Green Onions | Green Onion Seeds | Grow Scallions — Growing green onions is easy in GardenRack, the waist high raised bed garden system. Watch Victoria plant her scallions for spring.

● Harvest your greens in a few weeks and sell them.
● Rinse and repeat.

It’s known that return on investment while growing green onions from seed is around 140%, which means that if you invest R2000, you can turn it into R4800 within 20 – 30 days if you do everything right. Then scale up the business accordingly.

Target market
Growing green onions might be a year-round business. It’s an easy yet competitive business because of its simplicity.
So, you have to find a market before you even purchase a first onion seed. It might be a local restaurant, a grocery store. You can also find a business partner and sell your onions wholesale.

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Image credit: Verywell Fit