Start a Healthy Vending Machine Business

Enjoy eating hamburgers and drinking Coke? Did you know that modern studies show that this lifestyle can lead to different diseases, like insomnia, depression and even cancer? No wonder that healthy eating ideas are getting more and more popular.

Vegetarians don’t eat meat, vegans stay away from meat, milk, and eggs. There are people called raw vegans who even don’t eat heat-treated food. Since vegetarianism and veganism are getting more popular, why not take advantage of this and start a healthy vending machine business? What can be better than helping other people get healthier and happier and make some money off it?

Many people would like to eat healthier but don’t have the time to go out and buy healthy food during their lunch breaks, where they will be stuck in traffic and shop queues. So bring the healthy food to them.

Quick overview
In order to start a healthy vending machine business, you have to decide what exactly you will be selling. Popular items include healthy snacks as well as organic juices.

Tools and skills needed
If you want to run a healthy vending machine business, you have to find a proper place like a school, gym, an office building, or a busy foyer.

You have to buy vending machines, and fill it up regularly. Probably, the most important part of this business idea is finding a supplier who understands what your customers need and can deliver products on time.

Earning potential
Healthy vending machines have much larger margins than traditional vending items as it’s a niche category, but you need to remember one thing: location is very important. The vending machine industry has stagnated in recent years but has seen popularity in niche machines such as machines selling banting foods strategically placed in the right locations.

More Information
Watch this inspirational video: Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine

Triple Profit Healthy Vending Machine

This healthy vending machine can be purchased only from The Discount Vending Store. It is fully convertible between a snack machine, a drink machine, or a combo vending machine. We brand these machines with your logo right on top and provide all the training and tech support you need to succeed in your healthy vending business.

Image credit: growhealthyvending