Start a Mat Printing / Branded Mats Business

A mat a piece of coarse material placed on a floor for people to wipe their feet on. This business customises mats for branding and decorative purposes.

The printing industry is very competitive, if you are going to start a printing business you may want to look for a business with high margins and little competition. While the mat printing business is not as popular (big) as other types of printing you might be able to carve out a niche.

Both companies and individuals sometimes want to have unique mats made, this can be to compliment branding or just decorative.

There are broad business models adopted in this business: printing as a service and selling a printed product.

Printing mats as a service
Printing mats as a service prints mats on behalf of customers, these customers usually fall into two categories: promotional and decorative.
Promotional clients will have custom logos printed whether directly from the business or via a design agency.
Decorative mats are usually ordered by retail stores that will resell them and will contain an inspirational slogan or a pattern or anything. If you can get a retail client with a busy sales channel that would be advantageous.

Printing as a product
Here is where you build a business brand selling mats. This can be your own design or you can license designs but you are producing a product that will be resold. Here is an example of off the shelf mat products:

Mats on
Credit: Joelmat

How to print onto mats
The most popular way to print onto mats is via screen-printing, this can be printed with a screen on a table, a  flatbed printer is not required but a vinyl cutter (or Cricut or Silhouette) is often used to cut the “stencil”.  Instead of making a large positive and exposing it, people often make a negative by cutting the whole design in vinyl and peeling out the text and then applying that to the screen and block out the rest of the screen like this:


Materials to use
Often Berber Point is used but to keep cost low its best to research. Maybe you can buy large sheets, cut it down and make even more profits.

Main image credit: The Personalized Doormats Company