If you have some writing skills you can start your own writing business. Content drives the internet and website owners are always looking for new and fresh content for their websites. This is a business you can run from the comfort of your home on your own schedule – although most times you will have deadlines.

Starting out you going to have to build up a portfolio of articles to show to prospective clients, preferably ones that are published online so you can start out by writing for easy to join sites such as fiverr, you can also use fiverr in-between jobs when other business is slow.

To get through the door you going to have to write 300 – 500 words for around R50/$5. This means to get to a goal of R500 a day you going to have to churn out 10 articles a day. Definitely doable, you not writing Shakespeare it’s usually blog articles. If you writing for fiverr you will get $4 per article after they have taken their $1 commission.

The most lucrative type of online writing is when you can get specific gigs from prominent publishers.

If you are running a writing business you are going to have to market yourself like any business. Tips include trying to get guest posts published on prominent websites as well as advertising on classified sites such as Gumtree. Although the most constant source of work will most likely be “writing marketplaces” of this there is quite a few. Here people looking for writing work post jobs looking for writers and you can bid on or take the jobs that interest you.

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