Start an Organic, Natural Baby Food Company

Baby food is any soft, easily consumed food other than breastmilk or infant formula that is made specifically for babies between four to six months and two years old.

The market
Parents buy off the shelf “instant” baby foods such as Purity due to the convenience, even though there are concerns about its freshness (additives and preservatives which might cause allergies) as well as high salt, sugar and fat content.

If you look at the Hello Peter page for Purity you can see all the problems, especially around freshness, also some people are wary about its long shelf live.

In recent years there has been more interest in “natural” and organic baby foods, these fall in two categories: fresh and packaged.

Fresh refers to food, usually vegetables that are cooked and freshly sold in containers and packaged which can refer to both fresh goods that are packaged as well as dry goods (porridge, rice cakes etc).

Food types

Target Market
This business targets busy parents, as well as families who don’t eat diet’s sufficient and varied enough for a baby.

Getting to market
Once you have the product mix you are happy with, the challenge is sales channels and distribution – especially with fresh products.

More Information
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