Start Your Own Ostrich Farm

Start Your Own Ostrich Farm in South Africa and Sell Ostrich Eggs

Not only are ostriches superb runners, they also lay up to ten eggs in the nest. If you start your own ostrich farm, you will be able to sell one ostrich egg for up to R300, and make even more money selling ostrich meat, leather and feathers.

Business Model
Did you know that South Africa is the world’s leader in ostrich industry? Our country is endowed with excellent weather conditions, which makes growing ostriches easier than anywhere else in the world.
Typically, a small ostrich farm of 20 ostriches can produce around 1000 eggs annually. This can be translated into R300 000. It might surprise you, but an ostrich chick that is 1-2 months old might cost R7000. Moreover, an ostrich is the source of meat, leather and feather.
At the end of the day, one female ostrich can generate a lot of profit annually if you factor in all the revenue sources (eggs, chicks, meat, leather, feathers).
Watch a video about a small scale ostrich farming in South Africa that will help you get an idea of how to start your own farm:

KKGTT – Small Scale Ostrich Farming in South Africa – Klein Karoo Group Transformation Trust – A very successful sustainable farming and human development program initiative, implemented by industry leaders in the South Africa’s ostrich industry via mentorship programs with clear guidelines and management systems.

Target Market
Your target audience depends on what exactly you produce:
● If you grow ostriches for eggs (which is the most obvious reason to start a farm), you can sell eggs for incubation. If you produce ostrich meat, you can sell it, as well as eggs, to local restaurants.
● There is also a huge demand, especially in South Africa, for ostrich leather. You can sell it to ostrich leather shoe producers. You can also make your own ostrich leather belts, cases, bags and sell them on Amazon or other platforms.
● Another way to profit from your ostrich farm is selling ostrich feathers.They are being sold and traded on Amazon and Ebay. You can also sell ostrich feathers for wedding decoration locally or on Etsy
Of course, running your own ostrich farm is not that easy, but if you get it right, the reward is huge.

More Information
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