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One of the biggest expenses and effort of a business is the cost to acquire new customers, this is sometimes amplified in a business that sells something the customer will only buy once. The packing industry solves this problem by its very nature: the product is used, discarded and needs to be replenished. Start your own packing company supplying other entrepreneurs and business owners with packaging products.

What to sell
Your product mix is very important. You need to sell high volume items that are cheap to buy and not take up too much space to store. Here is a good mix:
Clear plastic bags:
Sweet packets, can hold peanuts and various other edibles such as chocolates. Larger bags such as magazine bags are popular as well. You can also sell fruit bags with holes punched in them.
Cake boxes:
Large cake boxes, medium cake boxes, slice cake boxes, muffin boxes and party pack boxes. The medium box can hold fancies as well. You can also do paper plates and paper cups in bulk to party planners.
Aluminum Foil containers
Very popular in the food industry. These come in various shapes and sizes: round (for small pies), oval (milk tarts and larger pies), rectangular (lasagna and other hot meals) as well as square, triangular and even heart shaped.

Postage & Packaging (not so good)
Padded envelopes, bubble wrap and boxes. This is a bit of a saturated market as everyone from the post office, to stationery shops, to moving companies to recyclers offers these products.

This is a retail business and you should try to find wholesale suppliers (preferably recyclers and manufacturers to supply you).

This business supplies these products to people who use it in their day to day business, it is a disposable product meaning repeat orders, if you keep your prices reasonable and offer good service, and then you will have customers constantly coming back with little marketing.

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