Start a Paper Recycling Business

Over 1.3 billion kilograms – this is how much paper South Africa recycles every year. Our country’s paper recycling rate is around 70%. This is a big number. This overview will help you get some ideas on starting your own paper and cardboard recycling business.

Getting Started
Paper and cardboard are some of the largest sources of waste in South Africa. This means, there is plenty of raw materials to work with. Paper recycling is not a high-margin profit business.  This is why a lot of entrepreneurs are looking for some other more profitable and faster ways to make money.

Paper recycling business is not that easy to start, it does require money. But if you purchase what is needed, you can expect to make good profits off waste products.

The decision you have to make is where you will fit in on the recycling chain. Are you going to operate collection points, are you going to do the actual recycling and sell the pulp, are you going to only buy pulp and turn it into a product or are you going to be vertically integrated and do all three: collect paper, recycle it and turn it into a finished product etc.

Whichever business model you go with will determine your requirements: premises, equipment etc.

Products that can be made

Except for egg trays, you can also produce:

  • Office Paper;
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cardboard;
  • Papers for magazines;
  • Newsprint for newspapers.
  • Wrapping paper.

Get an idea of earning money from waste paper recycling: