Start a Pizza Oven Installation Business

Nothing beats the taste of wood fired pizza, whether people are making pizza to resell or just want to make wood fired pizza for their families they will need a wood burning pizza oven. Start your own business installing pizza ovens.

The business
This business entails purchasing a DIY pizza oven kit, assembling and installing it at the premises of your customers. It involves knowing some building basics but nothing you cannot learn. It is also mainly doing the same thing over and over so it is easy to perfect. It can also supplement a business already doing minor building renovations.

Getting started
There are a few local companies selling DIY pizza oven kits. They are usually in the building material, concrete products and stone/paving business and this is one of their products. Look for suppliers close to you as there might be a large courier fee as the product is quite heavy. If there is no one close enough make sure to use bulk couriers to transport the DIY kit to you.

DIY pizza oven kit
DIY pizza oven kit

This business can be started with even less capital, if all you are advertising is installation. What this means is, people will buy the kit but don’t know how to install it, will hire you. This will also mean less profit as you are mainly selling your time. But if you provide both the oven and installation, you can add a profit margin to the oven and make money from the installation.

DIY pizza oven
DIY pizza oven

Marketing the business
Starting out you should purchase a kit and assemble it, not only to get a feel for how it works but to have a sample to show customers. Advertise it on local classifieds, making sure to get all measurements correct, as well as nice photos (of it making pizza as well).

Also mention the features: how many pizza’s it can make at a time and how long each pizza will take to make. As the oven maintains its heat, many pizza’s can be made after it each other. If the oven takes four pizzas, and it takes 15 minutes to complete then they will be able to make 16 pizzas an hour.

Target market
While you can install ovens for pizza making businesses, especially smaller work from home type businesses, the most growth will come from people looking to install the ovens in their own. Remember a pizza ovens can be used to breads and other roasts as well.

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