Start a Temporary Fence Hire Business

Temporary fencing are used at events to demarcate certain areas as well as for crowd control. Start your own business renting out fences.

The opportunity
Often events take place at venues that requires certain areas to be cordoned off or to be divided into smaller areas where access will be controlled. Say a school is having a carnival on the school’s grounds they will usually use the sports field. Temporary fencing can be used to divide stalls, for a beer garden, food court or to have a concert area where an extra fee will need to be paid to enter. Temporary fencing are also often used at outdoor events such as running (marathons) and cycling.

A temporary fencing company will then be hired to provide the fencing for a daily fee based on the amount of fence provided (usually quoted in meters).

Getting started
To get started in this business you will need to have fencing made (do your research for popular sizes that can be used). The fencing will then be stacked next to each other to make one long fence or to fence off an area. You should start out with a sufficient quantity to cover at least one full event at a time.

You will need to a place to store the fencing – a garage is fine as the fencing will be stacked flat on top of each other or next to each other. You will also need a vehicle to transport the fencing to and from the venue. You will also have to put up and take down the fencing. So you may need one person to help you or you can hire two people to do the installing if you are not very hands on.

To grow this business this ties nicely in with other event businesses we have covered before such as a stage rental business. Or you can instead bulk up on quantity and focus on supplying more than one event at a time.

Image credits: Canberra Spits & Party, Building Innovation Centre