Start a Tractor Plowing Business

Buy a Tractor, a Plow and Offer Plowing Services to South African Farmers

Have you ever thought that work on the ground is just planting seeds and harvesting? Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, each farmer runs and works on a farm, is faced with the need to involve special equipment. It is used for plowing the earth.
Yes, the land must be plowed in spring. Only in this case, it will be suitable for agricultural use. So why not buy a tractor and start providing plowing services? This can make you a sought-after specialist. It should be recognized, however, that this business is seasonal. But any agricultural activity is seasonal. Be ready to provide your services only in spring. Off season you can also use your tractor to cut grass but plow work will be more lucrative.

Equipment needed
In order to plow the land, you will need a tractor. But a tractor is not the only device needed for this job. In addition to it, you will need a special plow.
If you are on a low budget and ready to work hard, you can buy a two wheel walk behind tractor / tiller. The following video shows how it works:

Two Wheeled Tractor – Rotavator – Tiller – Warrior from Titan Pro

For more on the Warrior, please see the following link –—Rotavator—Tiller—Warrior-from-Titan-Pro/4723/0/Product.aspx The latest in our world-renowned range of rotavators and tillers, the Warrior is a multi-purpose solution to all manner of garden jobs. Unlike other pieces of garden machinery that have one sole purpose, the Warrior is a master of a range of roles.

Another, more professional solution, is Massey Ferguson 35 tandem tractor with a special plow. Watch how powerful it is:

Massey Ferguson 35 Tandem Tractor | Ploughing w/ 4-furrow plough | Ferguson Days 2016

Subscribe – Facebook (Danish) – Massey Ferguson 35 Tandem-Tractor ploughing with a 4 furrow plough, at the yearly Ferguson Days. At The Danish Ferguson Museum. MF 35 tandem traktor i gang med at vende lidt jord, med en 4-furet plov. Til de årlige Ferguson Dage, på Danmarks Ferguson Museum.

Target Market
Your potential customers are farmers living and working in your town or village. Before you buy a tractor and a plow, which, as you see, are quite expensive, examine the demand, looking especially for farmers who currently hire tractors.
The best way to do that is to make a few hundred business cards and visit a few hundred farmers.
Let them know that this summer you’ll be providing plowing services at a discount. In case they are interested, write down their farm down in your schedule.

A Tip for Lowering Your Expenses
Don’t forget that all vehicles consume gas, so the smaller the distance to your buyer, the less money you will spend on gas.