Start a Tutoring Agency

A tutor is private teacher, typically one who teaches a single pupil or a very small group. Start a business offering a tutoring service comprising of various tutors and take a cut from each job that a tutor gets via your agency.

What kinds of tutoring
You can decide whether you want to focus on certain niches like education (extra lessons) and if you want to specialize in certain subjects. But you can also offer tutoring in music and other disciplines such as sport training.

What kind of agency
This involves either doing it virtually where you will operate the website and get clients or in the real world where you will operate the office and get clients for the tutors. Tutors can also visit students at their homes if this is something that you’d want to do.

Regardless of what option you take, you are going to have to advertise your business and make sure you always have learners for your tutors so you both can make enough money for it to be viable. You should also always have backup tutors in case one leaves or falls sick.

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  1. Hy I would like to teach udults. like abet schools. But I have No idea where and how to begin.

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