Start a Voice-over Agency

At my local grocery store there used to be a girl that spoke so nice I told her that she should be on 7de Laan as she sounded like Charlene Truter. I just felt that this young lady could do better than working for minimum wage behind a cash register. Recruit people like this by offering them the chance to earn extra money by doing voice-over work.

Set up a website, with all the voice actors on your books with an audio clip accompanying their profile and take a commission every time someone hires them. The majority opportunity for startups in this area is web work such as narrating YouTube videos and podcasts.

The maintain quality of your work you would have to setup a mini studio with a decent microphone where the voice-overs can be done. Also you may have to put your recruits through some basic training however when running a web agency the standards are lower than doing radio or TV work.