Start a Walnut Cultivation Business

Walnut Cultivation in South Africa: Create a Passive Income Stream

Some people think that a garden requires daily care. While this is true for growing most of the crops, nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to walnut cultivation.

Business Model
You’ve probably heard it said: a man sitting in the shade today is the man who planted a tree ten years ago.

The same applies to walnuts: plant the garden today and start growing harvest in 5-7 years, and do that every year for the rest of your life.
In order to get started, you have to have a plot of land and walnuts. It’s really that easy. Just soak the nut, sprout it for a few weeks and then plant it.
You can plant around three hundred trees on 1 ha plot. In 7 years they will start producing around over 6000 kg of walnuts annually, which can fetch up to R2 million.

Target market
There are two possible ways to sell your product. You can start your own market store, or sell it wholesale into retail channels (which are the best option at scale).

If you choose the second way, you will need to market your product properly. Your target audience is retail as well as manufacturers of sweets and chocolate. Establish connections with South African producers.

Another way is wholesale sales abroad (export), but its way easier to run your business internally.

Marketing ideas
It doesn’t take a lot of effort to market your services, because the only thing you have to do is getting only one large contract.

So, once you’ve planted your garden and collected the first harvest call the companies mentioned and offer your product. But spread your net as wide as you can to get clients.

More Information:
Watch the following video about Growing Organic Walnut Trees

Growing Organic Walnut Trees

Learn how to grow and care for walnut trees. Walnuts are a great source of protein and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These beautiful trees are hardy to USDA zone 4 and make a wonderful addition to your edible landscape.

Final image credit: 24sevenindia