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people almost expect you to have a website even if it’s only a brochure type site. Help businesses get online by running a web hosting business.

This idea needs some expertise in the IT field and because it’s such a crowded field you are going to have to make your money by offering value added services such as domain name registration, web design and online advertising.

You will not be hosting the websites yourself but basically renting space from dedicated hosting companies. Starting out you can use reseller packages but as you grow it may be better for you to rent your own dedicated server and then host all your clients on that instead of just a reseller package in which a server is shared by many different resellers.

Business model
The basic business model of a reseller is simple: you will sign up for a reseller plan from a hosting provider. Let’s say the webhost gives 10GB storage for R170 a month, you can then carve this into 10x 1GB packages via your control panel and sell each 1GB package for say R49 a month. This will give you a profit of R320 a month for every ten clients, while you may get a pedantic client here and there a lot of that income will be passive as once people is signed up and setup – providing there is not technical problems on your side they will hardly contact you once they up and running.

But as I have stated before you are going to have to offer supplementary services such as WordPress and blog setup as well as web design services to make this business really grow. Other services you can offer include logo design and online advertising.

Locally both Elitehost and have reseller plans and you can use the white label interface from ZADomains to sell your own domains with the interface branded with your logo.

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