Start a Windscreen Removal, Repair and Replacement Business

The windscreens of cars often need to be removed, repaired and replaced. Start your own business offering these services.

The business
Firstly I want to point out that this is actually three distinct services and you will get operators in these businesses that offer one of the abovementioned services. But what happens is when you are starting out with little capital and you are entering industries with existing incumbents it’s difficult to get traction. That is why small businesses often use the “combination of related services” business model. And this is one of those examples.

So let’s look at the services we are looking at here:

Windscreen removal
When I say “windscreen removal” I am not referring to removing the cracked or broken windscreen to be replaced, I am talking about the process of removing a flawless windscreen from a car that is usually being stripped for spares and then to be resold. This windscreen can then be used again. This is actually a business and there are people out there that offer this service, but it requires some skill to remove the windscreen without damaging it. In my opinion this service can be offered as part of a combination of services we are discussing here and it can be used as a combination of services as part of a headlight restoration and dent removal service.

Windscreen repair
Windscreens often get small chips in usually from stone damage (say the car in front drove over a stone and the velocity of the stone cracked the windscreen of car driving behind it) just because a windscreen has a chip in it does not mean it needs to be completely replaced, it can be repaired. Anyway, this is often a mobile service where you do to your clients to repair the windscreen. You get battery powered windscreen repair kits for this purpose, which uses one of those 12v batteries found in gate motors for power.

Windscreen replacement
In this business you replace a windscreen that has been cracked and can’t be repaired. This is a bit different to the services above as you also have to source stock (the replacement windscreen). Then you have to remove the broken windscreen and properly install the new one. It is possible for a one man business to do this, sourcing the windscreen for that particular model when an order comes in.

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